Whitewater Training offers a wide variety of Rescue Courses to either further your education as a guide or offer a piece of mind on your next big adventure. These courses will enable you to help your teammates, friends, clients and most importantly, yourself.

All of Whitewater Training’s Swift water Rescue Courses focus on the skills and knowledge needed to identify and prevent hazards on the river. This course will begin by teaching the student to look after oneself, and progress to being an assertive leader in any rescue situation. Anyone looking to experience the thrills of whitewater or teach other less experienced boaters should continually reassess their swift water rescue and first aid ability.

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The Recreational Rescue course caters for recreational river users, kayakers, crocers, adventure racers, rafters, and tubers. It will teach you the basic rescue strategies needed for everyday situations. We also offer rescue courses for Professionals where you will learn the more advanced type of rescue strategies.

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