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Vagabond kayaks 20% to 35% off

 Whitewater Training is open for eCommerce

Greetings to the kayaking community

We hope you are all staying safe.

To celebrate the easing of restrictions and an unspecified date in the future when the kayaking community can once again convene on our rivers, Whitewater Training is introducing specials on boats and gear.

First up is Whitewater Training’s special offer on Vagabond Kayaks.

In this ‘Preparing for Freedom’ deal, we are offering discounts of between 20% (Class A) and 35% (Class B and C) on the range of Vagabond kayaks. Class B and C boats are what we call ‘blems’ which are perfectly serviceable boats with minor cosmetic issues. Those boats that are perfectly turned out for retail are classified as Class A.

This does not include transport.

As always, Whitewater Training wants to pair you with your ideal craft, and Hugh du Preez is on hand to unpick and unpack your needs and kayaking aspirations to achieve this. This valuable advice is free of charge or obligation. Contact him on 083 253 5225, or wwt@whitewatertraining.co.za.

The available boats and prices are reflected below.

Delivery of kayaks will be arranged as soon as lockdown restrictions ease.

A quick guide to what constitutes a ‘blem’:

  • a dirty mark that can’t be washed off
  • a scuff mark that can’t come off
  • a logo or graphic that doesn’t come out quite right (faded, corner missing)
  • more-than-usual rough patches caused by porosity in the mould
  • uneven areas in the inner foamed plastic layer
  • a mark in the plastic created during moulding

We look forward to hearing from you.

Hugh du Preez

Vagabond Lock Down Sale.
Recommended Retail price incl.
Class A Class B Class C
-20% -25% -35%
Mokolo R8,990.00 R7,192.00 R6,742.50 R5,843.50
Kwando R3,490.00 R2,792.00 R2,617.50 R2,268.50
Tsomo R5,990.00 R4,792.00 R4,492.50 R3,893.50
Tarka R6,990.00 R5,592.00 R5,242.50 R4,543.50
Kasai R7,990.00 R6,392.00 R5,992.50 R5,193.50
Marimba R7,990.00 R6,392.00 R5,992.50 R5,193.50
Mazowe R8,490.00 R6,792.00 R6,367.50 R5,518.50
Tsomo Angler R6,490.00 R5,192.00 R4,867.50 R4,218.50
Tarka Angler R7,490.00 R5,992.00 R5,617.50 R4,868.50
Kasai Angler R8,490.00 R6,792.00 R6,367.50 R5,518.50
Marimba Angler R8,490.00 R6,792.00 R6,367.50 R5,518.50
Dumbi R5,990.00 R4,792.00 R4,492.50 R3,893.50
Usutu R5,990.00 R4,792.00 R4,492.50 R3,893.50
Pungwe R9,990.00 R7,992.00 R7,492.50 R6,493.50
Vubu R9,990.00 R7,992.00 R7,492.50 R6,493.50
BOAT Yellow Orange Green Blue Pink Khaki Blue/Orange Rasta
STOCK Retail Blem Retail Blem Retail Blem Retail Blem Retail Blem Retail Blem Retail Blem Retail Blem
COUNT Complete Shell Class B Class C Complete Shell Class B Class C Complete Shell Class B Class C Complete Shell Class B Class C Complete Shell Class B Class C Complete Shell Class B Class C Complete Shell Class B Class C Complete Shell Class B Class C
Kwando 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 1
Tsomo 2 1 1
Tarka 2 1 1 1
Kasai 1 2 1 1 1
Marimba 1 3 3 1 1
Mazowe 1 2 3 4 1 1
Tsomo Angler 1
Tarka Angler 1
Kasai Angler 1
Marimba Angler
Dumbi 1 2
Usutu 2 1
Vubu 1


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