Candidates who have completed their river guide training are well on their way to earning their River Guide qualification. As soon as the training has been completed, they should take every opportunity to practice their skills and maintain a log of all river-related activity, such as being an assistant guide on a trip. It is also necessary to acquire a certification in First Aid Level 3. Training to this end is also offered by Whitewater Training.

When the assessor deems them ready, a River Guide candidate can schedule their River Guide Assessment. The process is outlined below:

  1. Meet with Assessor who will go through the process with you.
  2. The Assessor will register the learner with THETA.
  3. Study the information given to you and start your assignment, which should preferably be completed before River Guide Assessment. Additional info is available from, which will help you with your assignment.
  4. On the Trip Leader Workshop and the extra NQF day:
    • Write the two tests (Paddling and General Guiding).
    • Complete or part-complete the observation checklist for paddling and guiding. (Assessor fills this in)
    • Go through assignment, make notes of alterations needed.

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  5. After the assessment is complete, anything left on the checklist in which you are found Not Yet Competent, will be discussed and you will need to plan to re-write the test if necessary (might be additional costs). Minimum pass mark is 80%.
  6. Portfolio of evidence is sent to the moderator.
    • Receive a temporary certificate and copy of the assessment decision till the official THETA certificate arrives.

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  7. Register with DEAT and work as a legal tour guide.
  8. Cost R1200 excluding VAT. Does not include cost for the River Guide Assessment.