Film Division


Whitewater Training has a history of working in cooperation with various production companies for the successful completion of feature films and advertisements. Whitewater Training can arrange to supply a range of qualified personnel to meet the demands of any size project on any river in Africa.


Advanced planning of any production will ensure the requirements of the project are met. Furthermore, scouting will save time on the specific shoot. During the scouting Whitewater Training can relate the possible hazards and ensure that equipment, personnel, and cast are appropriately considered during the entire duration of the shoot. Whitewater Training has taken the responsibility to find wonderful locations on various venues throughout Africa.


Whitewater Training will arrange and assembly a safety crew that will provide the necessary safety for the well-being of both the production crew, and the cast while the shoot is in progress. In addition, Whitewater Training’s owner and chief instructor, Hugh du Preez, has an extensive history operating as a Safety Coordinator. During the scouting stage, the Safety Coordinator will identify the number of qualified guides needed for the safe completion of the production.


In addition to safety crew, Whitewater Training can arrange for cast to complete stunts and participate in swift water scenes. This cast will be experienced paddlers with experience in both extreme paddling and the film industry.

Stunts / Stunt Coordination

During the scouting process the Safety/Stunt Coordinator will assess the possibility of the proposed stunts. Moreover, this Coordinator can propose sites, stunts and rapids that may not be known by the production company. Working in cooperation with the production company, Whitewater Training can advise on the possible venues, and rapids that would work well for a specific production.