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Various spray-decks are available
How to select a spray-deck
Deck sizes:
The first aspect to consider is the fit to boat. There are various sizes of spray-deck available to suit different sizes of boat / cockpit, but the ones most relevant to South Africa are the Keyhole and Small.
1. Keyhole deck size
Fits all Vagabond whitewater kayaks.
Fits all Fluid whitewater kayaks except Donsa, Vuvubat and small spice (works but has a loose fit)
Most Whitewater kayaks use this size – See the sizing guide or contact Whitewater Training
2. Small deck size
Fits the following Fluid kayaks: Donsa, small Spice, Vuvubat and most canoe polo and slalom fibreglass boats.

Once you have selected the appropriate boat / cockpit size, the second aspect to consider is the size of your own waist.
Waist sizes:
In South Africa we mostly paddle without dry jackets and thermals, so consider a smaller size. The best way to ensure a correct fit is to consult the sizing chart.
Deck types:
There are a number of deck types available but the two most used are the Standard and the Whitewater deck.
1. Standard deck type
This deck is easier to put on and a good beginner deck for white water, and canoe polo and slalom.
2. Whitewater deck type
This deck is harder to put on so better for extreme conditions, and is more robust.


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